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Bryan Ferry, a music and art lover, was described as a “godfather of contemporary style” by the Sunday Times. When his first single, “Virginia Plain” with Roxy Music was released in 1972, he was named one of the most innovative and elegant musicians of the time and considered as the embodiment of the romantic universe evoked in his songs. The band mainly owes its success to the song “Avalon”, released in 1983. This song was quickly acclaimed by critics as one of the most emblematic songs in pop-rock history.


A few years later, Bryan Ferry began his solo career and went on to release several albums, including “These Foolish Things”, “Another Time, Another Place” and “In Your Mind”. In 1994, the artist once again worked with the musicians of Roxy Music on the album “Mamouna”. Throughout his career, Bryan Ferry has combined American glamour and European refinement. This particular style is notably visible in his homage to Bob Dylan, “Dylanesque”, published in 2007, and “Olympia”, a collection of unique titles and remakes, released in 2010. 2014 was the year of his fourteenth solo album “Avonmore”, in which he returned to his refined pop-rock style.


A former Fine Arts student, he is massively involved in the visual side of his work, both in composing songs and on stage. Bryan Ferry is an artist that can’t be ignored, with the charisma of Gainsbourg and the elegance of Sinatra. Discover or rediscover the rare particularity of both a classic and contemporary artist on 31st May 2018 at Opéra Garnier Monte-Carlo.


By arrangement with Gérard Drouot Productions


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Bryan Ferry – Tour 2018 – Thursday 31st May 2018

Opéra Garnier Monte-Carlo 


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