A zombie-filled Halloween at La Rascasse Monte-Carlo


On 31 October, come join us for Halloween at La Rascasse, in a fun-filled spooky atmosphere that will send a shiver up your spine!


It’s a full moon, the streets are deserted, and dogs are howling in the distance … The zombies have just come out of their graves and are invading the streets on Halloween! Head to La Rascasse, where you won’t know whether to laugh or scream in the deliciously spooky ambiance!


Spider webs, screaming pumpkins, prisoners facing the death penalty and the zombies and other horrors will make this a night that you will never forget! Come dressed in your eerie best to win a bottle of champagne, which will be awarded to the person wearing the scariest costume.


Join La Rascasse staff, who will also all be in costume, for some great instant photos on an electric chair … Just terrifying!


Come get spooked at 1 quai Antoine 1er!

There’s even space to park your broomsticks.


DJ Eduardo and the band The Shakes will be keeping the ambience alive in the dead of night.


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